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Here’s a question: Where can you have lots of fun by dressing up and taking lots of photos with friends, family or loved ones? The answer, ANYWHERE! Nika’s Party Booth has something that can help you capture every moment into memorable photos making them last a lifetime. We have state of the art photo booths that can light up whatever event you are having by bringing in guests together and giving each and everyone wider smiles. If you are having a party, wedding, corporate event, or any other occasion, a photo booth will surely make things more exciting. We will also provide fun props to match the theme of your event. Our small and mobile photo booths will immediately send freshly taken pictures through Airdrop, text message, or email, allowing you to post real-time updates on Instagram or Facebook. We also know that a physical photo will always have a special place in the heart, which is why printouts are also made available.

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Nika's Party Booth

Nika’s state of the art photo booth can take many forms, adjusting to the available space that your venue can accommodate. It can either be open or closed depending on the privacy that you want while taking photos. Our photo booth can accommodate any size of the crowd at your party and can be customized to fit your décor with multiple backdrop options. We also have high-quality props and various colors of LED lights allowing you to take unique and creative pictures with your guests. All it takes is one touch on the screen to start the fun. Your guests will surely have an amazing time experiencing good laughs and building camaraderie. Nika’s party photo booth is easy to navigate. One-touch and you will see yourself with the countdown timer giving you enough time to strike fantastic poses. You also get to view and choose the best photos that you want to take home.

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