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Make Your Corporate Events More Exciting with a Party Photo Booth in Irvine, CA

Work, in its many glorious forms, can be very stressful and tiring. Having a simple get-together is a good way to relieve stress and tension and can act as a breather during hectic seasons. One way of making such corporate events more exciting is with the addition of a party photo booth available in Irvine, CA and nearby areas.

Here at Nika’s Party Booth, we offer photo booths that are easy to use and can fit any type of event including corporate parties. Taking photos during events can help emphasize the relationships built within the workplace. Having one of our photo booths can even open an opportunity to expand the limited social interactions caused by busy schedules. One common scenario in a commercial setting is how employees only focus on creating ties with the people in their own department. With the dynamic features of our photo booth, interacting with people in other departments will be encouraged. Not only that. In a larger setting, a closer bond between people from different organizations and levels of positions can also be created.

So if you are having an Irvine, CA corporate event, be sure to get a photo booth from us. Aside from adding a venue of enjoyment, it can even promote inclusivity within the company. Our booths print out photos almost instantaneously so you can put them on bulletins immediately. A soft copy can also be sent through email, SMS, or AirDrop for a better and more eco-friendly option. What are you waiting for? Get one for any event you are having with by calling us. Our contact details are provided below.