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First-Class Event Photo Booth in Newport Beach, CA

Take any event to another level with an event photo booth available all over Irvine, Newport Beach, CA and nearby areas! Posing for a photo with friends and family has a way of putting instant smiles on people’s faces. Whatever holiday you may be celebrating, having a photo booth is always an upgrade. It can boost the festive spirits and add to the holiday cheers during the party. A group photo also brings people together and promotes interaction between your guests. As a host, this will surely be beneficial as it keeps the party going. It also makes parties more memorable with the help of the relationships built or enhanced during the moment.

We at Nika’s Party Booth offer modernized photo booths that have amazing versatility. It can be readjusted and customized to fit any kind of holiday event. The booth is 13 inches wide and a little over 5 feet tall. It is very easy to use and a simple touch can get the photo session started! Different backdrops and costumes are also made available. A perfect get-together activity and will surely entertain you and your guests. The pictures taken can also be sent through AirDrop, text message, or email right after being taken. Guests also have the option to have a printout of the photos—a perfect and quality memorabilia for friends, family, and relatives.

The photos can also be collected and used as timestamps of the passing holidays for the whole year. It can help you keep track of time and remember the past which helps you appreciate where you are right now. So, if you are having a party in Newport Beach or anywhere nearby, be sure to secure a photo booth from us. Reach us through the contact information found below.